Let’s Make Sunday
Shopping a Reality

Have you ever needed medicine on Sunday but not been able to purchase it? Ever needed lettuce for a salad to bring to a family gathering, or a last minute birthday gift for a loved one? Today we can’t purchase these items in Steinbach; but what if we would allow all businesses a choice to be open on Sundays?

Steinbach City Council recently decided not to listen to your opinion on Sunday shopping, but you have the right to be heard and vote for whether or not you want Steinbach retailers to have the option to be open on Sundays during October 24th’s municipal election.

Make your
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About Sunday Shopping
in Our Community

The idea behind Sunday shopping laws originated in the 17th century before laws limiting the number of hours a person could work in a week came into effect, and before people could move, work, and worship freely.

Everyone in our community has, at some point been a Sunday shopper. You have probably bought gas, or had lunch at a restaurant. Maybe you’ve swum at the Aquatic centre, bought a loaf of bread or milk at a convenience store or even attended a Pistons hockey game. These are all forms of Sunday shopping.

Sunday Shopping and Faith

A person whose religious beliefs prevent them from working on their holy day ­— whatever day that may be, has their job protected by LAW.


Sunday shopping laws used to be absolute, but these days there are dozens of exceptions for businesses should the business desire to be open. These businesses include:

  • Lounges
  • Pharmacies
  • Amusement Halls
  • Movie Theatres
  • Tourism Facilities
  • Laundromats
  • Greenhouses
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
  • Vehicle Repair Shops
  • Any business with 4 or less employees

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What the Councillors Say

On August 7, City Council denied a request to put a Sunday Shopping question on the ballot for October 24, alongside the Cannabis referendum (the vote was 5-2 against, with councillors Siemens and Cari Penner voting in favor). Here is what some of the current City Councillors say about giving citizens their voice by way of a referendum on October 24. The councillors emails are below — if you choose to contact them and let them know your thoughts, please be respectful in your tone.

"I believe the referendum may well favour Sunday shopping; I don’t know whether I want to put my fellow businesspeople in a position where they have to be open when they don’t want to be open…"

John Fehr (Mayoral Candidate)

"We have never gone out there and elicited feedback. This is one way of getting feedback from the general public what their thoughts are…"

Jac Siemens

"I just don’t see this as a major issue that comes up a huge amount…"

Michael Zwaagstra

"Maybe I run in the wrong circles, but I just haven’t heard enough of a case for Sunday shopping."

Earl Funk (Mayoral Candidate)

"I really don’t hear about the issue on a day to day basis. Because I haven’t had time to think about it, I will not support the motion (to hold a referendum)."

Susan Penner

"It is time to hear from the people, we have talked long enough... we need to really know what the people think."

Cari Penner

Economic Benefits

Job Creation

Job Creation

Increased Sales for Local Businesses

Increased Sales for
Local Businesses

Draw New Businesses to Steinbach

Draw New Businesses
to Steinbach

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